second milestone: Building matepe

It is my great pleasure to announce the completion of the matepe making documentation with Sekuru Chawasarira!

35 hours of sawing, drilling, rasping, cutting, hammering, filing, carving, gluing, grinding, bending, burning, close listening, and explaining – with some fine conversation along the way.

Cutting all the raw material was a gargantuan task, all done by the one and only Kuda Samora Nyaruwabvu. Plus some sound editing of mine so that one might still understand what Sekuru says while hammering on his anvil.

This milestone marks the completion of what we originally set out to do and agreed with our funding partner. What’s yet to come is the “Matepe Clinic” (Samora builds another matepe and Sekuru helps with problems), and a few very interesting bonus videos, e.g. one with James Kamwaza.

It would be nice to cut the material together again into a “minimal version” that contains all the important explanations and work steps, but as few redundancies as possible. Feel free to send us the video number and times of which sections you think could be skipped.


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