Marume azere dare

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Although the videos contain all the information, we would like to put summaries as text on the pages, too, so that you can search for keywords.

Furthermore, many videos further down on the list do not yet have chapters, like they do on the Kuvachenjedza page.

You can support us in a very simple and extremely helpful way: While watching an About… video, just take notes about the content and [better, missing] chapter titles. We have marked some which are missing titles altogether.

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Basic version (player #1)

About Marume azere dare

Variation 1 (player #2)

About Variation 1

Variation 2 (player #3)

Variation 2 – Minor changes

Our About… video on variation 2 turned into a demonstration of its minor changes.

Variation 3: Charakupa (player #4)

This variation is Chawasarira’s own creation.

About Variation 3

Variation 4: Zongororo kwira bango (player #5)

“Zongororo kwira bango” ~ Millipede, climb up the pole!

About Variation 4

Combining parts

All parts combined