Drumming & clapping

Matepe music can be accompanied by clapping and singing, a specific type of drumming, hosho (shaker) playing, or any combination of these.


Unlike other types of mbira, there are established vocal lines for matepe pieces, which are usually sung by a women’s choir. Unfortunately we could not (yet) include then in this documentation. On top of these lines, singers (Chawasarira calls them the “poets”) add improvised vocal parts and yodelling.

Hosho playing

As Sekuru explains in the Beat Placement video, Hosho playing was not common in the area where he learned matepe. Whereas in other places like Nyamapanda, Hosho player Crispen Zonke and his late grandmother Ambuya Sinati Nyamande are famed for their skills, style, and interaction with the matepe playing.

Matepe & clapping

Matepe drumming