Tools & Forging Keys

We started the days with an overview of all tools and materials Chawasarira uses for matepe making, as well as possible replacements or workarounds if some tools are missing (like they did for mbira makers of former generations).

Tools from left to right: Chisels, files, hand vice/pliers, 6mm drill, ruler, rasp, srew clamp, adze, coarse and fine saw, tin snips, hand drill, mallet, wire cutter, pointer, hammers

Materials (at the top)., Porous softwood (mupepe or comparable), hardwood (any), thick steel wire 8mm (e.g. from car shock absorbers), spring wire (e.g. sofa springs) 6mm and 3mm, tin, bicycle spokes

Sekuru forges the left thumb keys in the order of which they are played in the Kuvachenjedza bass line.

Currently Samora and I are learning the basic part of Marume

Before the sun went down (very early around 17:30) we hurried to the shops for some well-deserved after work beers.


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