Tatenda Cangola, Wako ndiwako

Our next guest from the East arrived just the next day after Solomon’s departure: Tatenda Lenade Cangola from Chimoio, Mozambique, my partner in the Kalimba makers and players in rural Mozambique project.

In the morning we had recorded the first parts of Wako ndiwako which, revealed by Sekuru’s tuning and to our great surprise, sounded very similar to Chipembere on the nhare.

We wanted to continue our recording session later in the afternoon, in the garden of Katrin Simon, the supporter of our project from the German Embassy in Harare.

Katrin wanted to take photos of our work before our joint networking dinner, and since our equipment is 100% mobile and suitable for the field, we just took everything with us.

A collection of rare mbiras: Mbira dzaVaNdau, Matepe, Kalimba mudoko, Kalimba nkulu, 19-key Karimba


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