Electric worries & overtones

The day started with Samora noticing a strange noises from one block afar, shortly before the power went off. He said he once heard the same sounds when something in a transformer station blew up, and expected us to stay without electricity for a couple of days.

Part of our equipment is a little solar paneI just strong enough to recharge the pwer banks. Unfortunately our laptop doesn’t USB-C power, but Mr. Gizzu, the power station Samora brought from South Africa does. So we tried to connect everything and it seemed to work…

Fortunately, electricity came back later that day, and we gave our project mbira some additional finishing touches: A tune-up, a whole on the side to hold it with the little finger, a replacement for a bad-sounding key, Finally, Sekuru gave it a name, Homberanwa, the one that many hands contributed to.

We realised that our documentary is still missing an explanation of which keys (or their overtones) are supposed to go with each other (meaning that they’re either of the same pitch, or octaves of another), so we made a video with Sekuru explaining that.


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