Bringing soft buzzing to Sekuru´s Deze

Recording live matepe music has always been a challenge. Capturing its sound outside a Deze comes out so clean but makes it sound so “mechanical”.

Though recording it in a Deze could be the best, it comes with challenges. The buzzing from the bottle tops around the Deze always dominate swallowing the sound of the Matepe.

We removed the bottle top buzzers, the results were not so good. The missing buzzers bothered us. We tried different approached to bring back the buzzing but rather softer. The result is amazing.


4 responses to “Bringing soft buzzing to Sekuru´s Deze”

  1. Daniel avatar

    This seems well worth the effort! The buzz is such an important part of the sound, I’d almost rather have too much than none at all. Not to mention the deeper ritual and spiritual significance. This project as a whole is so amazing and important, thank you for helping make it a reality!

  2. Joel Laviolette avatar
    Joel Laviolette

    Nice! I always taped up most of the bottle caps and then left like 5-6 of the caps furthest from the mic untaped. In my opinion the problem is always with just having the mic too close to the buzzers. The further back the mic is the better the sound, but then obviously it picks up other stuff.

    1. Thanks Joel, thanks a great suggestion to mute the buzzers closest to the mic. We should definitely try that.

  3. Kangora Leonard Tatenda avatar
    Kangora Leonard Tatenda

    Amazing work, the buzzer is helping a lot for nice sound. Bom trabalho.

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